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With former prosecution experience, Attorney Jaime A. Aird understands a criminal case from both perspectives. Armed with this unique and beneficial experience, our firm is able to craft effective, results-driven defense strategies that have proven successful for many of our clients. We encourage you to read our recent case results, which illustrate how we have served your fellow Floridians.

    • DUI Case Dismissed

      State v. J. Chong Charge: DUI Enhanced property damage with injury Client ran a red light which resulted in a traffic accident with injuries to all parties involved in the accident. Client taken to the hospital for treatment at which time he had a blood alcohol content of .165 and .178.

    • DUI Case Dismissed

      State v. Fetisov Charges DUI Enhanced. Client was involved in an accident involving a motor cycle and automobile, transported to the hospital for treatment at which time he had a blood alcohol content of .165 and .178.

    • Possession of Marijuana Not Guilty at Trial

      State v. Jarrett Charge: Possession of Marijuana Client was the sole occupant of a motor vehicle, stopped for a traffic violation, police officers smelt a strong odor of marijuana. Search of the car revealed a partially burnt cannabis cigarette and a reach revealed a backpack containing marijuana.

    • Resisting an Officer without Violence Not Guilty at Trial

      State v. Reme Charge: Resisting an officer without violence Officers attempted to talk to client in reference to a criminal investigation at which time the client stepped in front of the officer almost striking his head on the officers head, officers told to back up he refused, told police"you are going to have to drag me out of here" more units responded defendant to turn his body away in an attempt to prevent the officers from placing handcuffs on him, he pushed and pulled his wrists from the officers in a violent manner stating he is not going to jail. The struggle continued for two minutes until more units arrived to assist. Defendant had to be pepper sprayed while he was spinning and flaring his arms in an attempt not to be arrested.

    • Aggravated Assault with a Firearm Case Dismissed

      State v. Mitchell Charge: Aggravated assault with a firearm Client was banging on victim's door in an aggressive manner, victim opened the door and saw a gun in clients waist band, client accused victim of sleeping with his wife and said he was going to shoot and kill him. Victim saw client reach for the firearm, victim then began running at which time client fired 2 or 3 gunshots while victim ran for cover. Based on Florida's sentencing guidelines client was facing a minimum of 2 years in prison based on his prior offenses and current offense. Outcome : aggravated assault with a firearm charge dismissed. Client plead guilty to improper exhibition of a firearm and received no probation, with time served for 10 days in jail. He was in jail for ten days because when he picked up this case he had an open case and the judge revoked his bond on the other case which i did not represent him on.

    • First Degree Murder Not guilty at trial
    • Drug Trafficking Case Dismissed

      Trafficking in cocaine over 400 grams and conspiracy to traffic in cocaine over 400 grams.

    • DUI Case Dismissed

      State v. A. Vicente (Miami-Dade) Charges: DUI Enhanced with property damage with injury and driving with no valid drivers license. Client was driving the wrong way on the road, traveling Northbound in southbound lane, resulted in a head on collision. Client did not have a valid D/L. Police observed strong odor of alcohol, unable to keep balance, bloodshot glassy eyes, heavy slurred speech, had to use vehicle for balance. Inside his vehicle was 24 pack of corona beer with a open bottle near his person. Client told police he was at a party and drank 6 corona beers. Provided a breath sample of .127 and .122.

    • Battery Case Dismissed

      State v. Soloman Charge: 1) Aggravated battery with deadly weapon 2) Battery 3) Battery Client hit victim several times in upper body and face. Client then went in his car and accelerated towards the victim, striking the victim with the car, victim fell on the hood of the car. Client then accelerated again and slammed on the brakes causing victim to fall off the car. Witnessed by security guard and captured on video.